InterSystems TrakCare


InterSystems TrakCare™ is a connected healthcare information system that is Web-based and rapidly delivers the benefits of an Electronic Patient Record.

TrakCare Corporate Overview

InterSystems TrakCare™ is the world’s leading Web-based healthcare information system. It enables authorized healthcare professionals to look at a complete patient record from anywhere they have access to the Web.

TrakCare provides a full range of clinical, administrative, lab and community care capabilities, unified by a single data repository. Which means patient information can be shared securely and seamlessly across all major departments and care settings.

TrakCare is used by leading institutions in 25 countries. Implementations range from single hospitals to a statewide, fully-integrated healthcare network serving 6.5 million patients in Brasilia and its surrounding region. TrakCare can be readily adapted to varying public- and private-sector healthcare delivery approaches.

The TrakCare Portfolio of Application Modules

A TrakCare solution is created from the TrakCare portfolio of modules and can also interoperate with existing legacy systems or even other best-of-breed applications. The unique “FastTrak to ePR” approach provides the ability to “snap together” an optimal organization-specific solution, providing immediate Electronic Patient Record benefits

Current TrakCare modules include:

TrakCare Clinicals – workbenches and tools for health care providers to assist with the safe and efficient provision and documentation of patient care while seamlessly building patient-centric information

TrakCare Patient Administration System (PAS) – the full suite of patient-focused care functions for managing Web-based patient demographic and administrative information for inpatient, outpatient and community care

TrakCare Emergency – blending the full gamut of administrative through clinical functions for the fast-paced emergency environment from triage to admission or discharge

TrakCare Lab – integrates all clinical laboratory functions including biochemistry, immunology, serology, hematology, blood transfusion, cellular pathology and microbiology from common phlebotomy through ePR reported results

TrakCare Community – a rich web-based environment facilitating the continuance of service beyond the confines of inpatient care. Services planned or rendered at the community centre and/or the client’s place of residence are viewable via a comprehensive diary-based ePR.