InterSystems Ensemble


InterSystems Ensemble® is a seamless platform for rapid connectivity and the development of new connectable applications. It includes the comprehensive range of technologies needed for any connectivity task, in a unified single stack architecture that provides ease-of-use and enables rapid project completion. Ensemble users typically complete projects twice as fast compared to previous generations of integration products.

Ensemble is used by enterprises that want advanced integration technology to overcome the limitations of traditional interface software and time-consuming point-to-point methods. By establishing enterprise service bus (ESB) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructures, Ensemble enables the creation of composite applications that preserve and extend previous software investments.

Ensemble is also used by application vendors. It provides a competitive advantage by enabling developers to rapidly create new connectable applications that can share data with existing applications.

Sophisticated technology supports Ensembles ability to make any integration project easier and faster to complete. It starts with the proven, powerful, and massively scalable object technology of the InterSystems Caché database. Ensemble is built on Caché, enabling your Ensemble-based solutions to scale easily to handle thousands of simultaneous users and terabytes of data. The successful solutions you create will always be able to handle their own success, virtually unlimited in ability to handle increasing demand.

All elements of Ensemble are modeled as object classes in the Caché database. This object model is extended, as you develop a solution, by Ensembles advanced abstraction facility to all of the applications, services, data sources, business rules, and other components youre using. In addition, Ensembles database is a repository for every message generated by a working solution, and for the current state of every business process. With Ensemble, messages are never lost, and an interrupted business process can always restart from the point of interruption. Sophisticated transactional bitmap indexing enables real-time updating of, and access to, the message database for analytics, business activity monitoring, auditing, and management.

Ensembles object model, shared database, and development environment provide a consistent, unified view of the underlying systems, applications, and services in a solution no matter what platforms, languages, data models, storage architectures, network protocols, or other technologies those underlying parts use. Ensemble reduces the complexity typically associated with integration projects, incorporates services and data as needed into different business processes, and drastically reduces time to solution.