Speedminer Big Data Analytics


The one-stop solution to all business needs has finally arrived in the form of the Speedminer Enterprise System. Besides the conventional Business Intelligence (BI) functions such as multi-dimensional analysis, slice/dice, reporting, and dashboard, Speedminer is many steps ahead of the competition by embedding other major systems commonly used and required in business, and best of all, these systems are well integrated to deliver a complete business solution. The embedded systems include Web Application Framework (Form Builder and Workflow), Geomap, Webmail and Short Message Service systems (with GSM Gateway), Knowledge Management, Performance Management System (Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecards), and Enterprise Integration Platform (powered by Ensemble). Speedminer is the framework for the Enterprise Application.

The embedded Web Application Framework gives users a wide range of capabilities from developing simple web based customized forms to even the most complex web applications. The workflow engine facilitates business processes in an automatic way while also giving users control over establishing the sequence of tasks to be performed.

The Geomap supports the plotting and marking of data according to location on Google Maps or even custom maps. Users can now gain deeper insight from their data in the form of trend and pattern identification when geographically related performance is presented via Geomap. Speed SMS (Short Message Service) offers unparalleled flexibility and advanced options of sending out automated SMS reminders, tracking of SMS sent, as well as analysis of customers’ responses via SMS.

As opposed to many Performance Management Systems (PMS) that require manual entry of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), Speed PMS is capable of auto calculating the KPI where data is available and thus makes the implementation of Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map a feasible and practical task within a data intensive organization. The ability to perform slice and dice on the Scorecard and the capability of navigation to the transactional data as well as browsing to related analysis gives unsurpassed power to the business user to trace to the root cause of the performance bottleneck.

Many corporations are faced with the pressure to modernize their complex IT systems involving manylegacy systems that might not be easily replaced. The embedded Enterprise Integration Platform enables users to integrate multiple business systems through sharing of data and processes, as well as develop missing components and modules to produce a completely integrated and modernized system running on the flexible platform. Enterprise Integration Platform which normally costs millions of dollars has now become an affordable system with Speedminer.

Speedminer complements all businesses by fulfilling most of all their IT requirements. Such a complete package that covers the vast needs of business IT is unrivalled and not found in other systems. The integrated system also means lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher return of investment with long term functionality and usage. Speedminer support for smart mobile devices also allows businessmen to make fast and precise business decisions on the run.

Speedminer is a complete all-in-one enterprise solution that exceeds expectations with its flexible and intuitive interface that offers true savings and affordable prices. Now, every organization, big or small can afford to own the system they have always dreamt of, with every need fully fulfilled and realized by the components offered in Speedminer system.