The General Hospital Guang Zhou Command Of PLA

This hospital was founded in 1933. Its initial status was called Guang Zhou Amphibious General Hospital. However, in 1955, it was named as Guang Zhou General Hospital. In 1976, Guang Zhou General Hospital became registered with the World Health Organization as Liu Hua Qiao Hospital.

The total floor area of this hospital is about 210,000 square meters. The building area is about 240,000 square meters. About 50 technical departments have been set up. So far, this hospital holds more than 1300 beds, and more than 1600 technical staffs. Every year around 530,000 outpatient and 180,000 inpatient treatments are conducted. On a yearly basis about 63,000 operations are done. Since 1995, Guang Zhou General Hospital has developed very fast. It is now a very large scale hospital, rich in technical and human resource systems. Furthermore, it has advanced technical equipments, good environment, and excellent services. Guang Zhou General Hospital makes up of a combination of various disciplines such as medical treatment and healing, education, investigation, research and health care among the A class hospitals. Currently it has also been appointed as a formal medical health check institution by an insurance firm for its clients.