Prime Minister’s Office, Malaysia ICU(E-Kasih & Bestari Projects)

The Implementation Coordination Unit, ICU in short, under the authority of the Prime Minister’s Department, is entrusted with assisting the Prime Minister coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating policies and development projects. One of the main functions of ICU is to coordinate and monitor policies and implementation strategies and effectives of the Societies Restructuring, Bumiputera Participation, projects at the state levels.

E-Kasih is the Centralise Nasional Poverty Data bank used by relevant agencies to provide aids to the poor. The main objective of the E-Kasih project is to achieve the target of zero hardcore poverty in 2010. Whilst, Bestari system is the operational system which captures the Bumiputera Companies in Malaysia.

Problem Faced & Requirement

ICU wanted to deliver an improvement plan for public services aimed at reaching strategic targets by the end of 2010. The key to deliver of the transformation strategy is an automated performance management system. Every month, they need to submit their progress reports to the Prime Minister’s Office, which uses automated tools to measure their performance based on more than hundreds key per performance indicators.

ICU had problem in integrating their data from different formats into a central repository for Business Intelligence(B.I) and Business Performance Management(BPM).

Lack of Efficiency was the major reason in acquiring the system. Much time was consuming on amending the custom program by ICU when there was changes in the KPI criteria, displaying KPIs in hundreds of map, and preparing hundreds of reports manually.

Data Source

The E-Kasih System which are in MS Access and Flat File Database from different states in the country whilst the Bestari System is Flat File Database from different states, town and city council.

We had adopted Transfer of Technology approach(TOT) approach, a team of three experts from Speedminer worked with the IT resource of ICU to implement the project. The Speedminer is built upon a true multi-dimensional OLAP engine, which eliminates the need of building cumbersome Cube and FACT tables, hence it simplified the implementation. It took only about three months to complete the whole project and went live on Jan 2009 include training and more than hundreds of KPI which linked to maps had been completed. Now, the IT resources in ICU are independent to use the tool to design analysis at ease at their desire.

As a whole, the solution has automated the entire process of collection performance data from entities, analysing it, and generating reports.

The Ministry and government authorities can update their strategic and operational plans with its KPIs in their E-kasih System and Bestari System. The system also generates periodic reports, which analysts can send to all concerned at the click of a mouse.

Sample Analysis


The E-Kasih database is used to ensure fair distribution of assistance and to avoid overlapping of aid programmes. The system will have particulars of all categories of the poor so that the exact number of the poor throughout Malaysia can be known. For example, Speedminer system analyzes the poverty rate; There are two categories of poverty which the Ministry monitors named poor and hardcore poor(extremely/very poor). For each of these poverty categories, there are targets needed to be achieved especially the hardcore poverty in 2010. The Government will provide opportunities for skills training and income generating programmes to overcome hardcore poverty. Speedminer helps to track the progress of their KPIs in line with the set targets. Now, in one glance, the Ministry is able to view the status of the poverty of the whole nation in KPI, Speedometer and map view(3 Federal states: Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur ad Labuan and 13 states) in Speedminer’s easy-to-use interactive visual dashboards for monitoring, decision making and strategic planning purpose.

Speed GIS in Speedminer is able to generate maps displaying KPI and allows drill down from state to districts. By a click, the detailed listing of the area focused will be shown in real time.


Speedminer for ICU leverages fully interactive drill down functionality to explore Bumiputera companies information(states, town and city council i.e. DBKL and MBPJ) not just static reports that traditional BI offerings are limited to provide. The result is fast business answers in the hands of users.