Lembaga Penduduk Dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN)

The National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) strives to reach out to the community on the importance of family and healthy lifestyle through their services. It includes programs i.e. talks, recreation activities, medical services and counselling for all type of crowd such as teenagers, parents and married couples.

Problem Faced and Requirements
Prior to the acquisition of Speedminer Technology, the Corporate Management and Planning Unit of LPPKN’s analysis was produced from the data includes the numbers of participants for programs i.e. reproductive health, parenting, teens and counseling keyed in and verified manually by its state branches throughout Malaysia in Excel spreadsheet. Errors like data mismatch caused the comprising of data integrity and inaccuracy of analysis outcome. The data validation process was needed although it was time consuming.

LPPKN was looking for the best tool in the form of applications that allow data capture and real time analysis and creation of report to build their Program Achievement Management System(Sistem Pengurusan Prestasi Program)(S3P) with 3 major modules namely SMARTSTART, Cafe@Teen and KPI.

It took only 2 months to complete the projects. Thanks to the powerful tools of Speedminer!  The portal was built on our rapid development technology – the web application framework and workflow (powered by EliteSys) which allowed drag and drop to lay out its forms in an easy, intuitive manner as well use drag and drop to program the interactions and workflows. Validation is available to ensure data entered is sensible and reasonable i.e. Check digit, format check, length check, look up table, presence check, range check, spell check etc. With embedded Business Intelligence tools, dozens of statistical analysis can be real time produced easily both shown in dashboard or reports with intuitive chart types, like line and bar charts and in different formats i.e. PDF by clicking a button. This enable top management make decision faster.

The System had been gone live for more than 7 years. LPPKN is satisfied with the System as change request of S3P i.e. adding new KPI, new modules i.e. teen program, measure in age can easily and quickly be accommodated due to its friendliness in configuration without coding involved.

Speedminer Integration tool allows the integration of S3P with the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)’s e-MANIS to display LPPKN’s key information on the overall program viewed by the Ministry and Parliament presentation.

Sample Type of Analysis

1. Family Development & Education Performance
2. Teenage Development, Education & Reproductive Health Services Performance
3. Counseling Programs & Services Performance
4. LPPKN Clinical Reproductive Health Services Performance
5. InfoSihat Health Talk Program Report
6. Client Counseling According to Profile
7. Summary Record of Psychometric Measurement Tool  Usage
8. Reproductive Health and Sexuality Service Report  (ASRH)
9. Social Counseling Service Report
10. Kafe@Teen Program Report
11. Parenting@Work Report
12. Newly Weds SMARTSTART report