Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre

Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre (GIMC), Kuala Lumpur comprises a 330-bed tertiary care hospital and a separate Medical Office Building (MOB), accommodating consultants of various specialties and sub-specialties for outpatient services.

The MOB comprises 110 specialists consulting suites, a 180-seat auditorium on the top floor with a retail pharmacy, a bank and a café on the ground floor. Specialists practicing in the MOB are independent practitioners.
GIMC began implementing TrakCare LAB in January 2002. Since then, TrakCare Lab has met all the operational needs of GIMC’s modern pathology laboratory. TrakCare Lab has specifically streamlined the diverse activities of laboratories in the areas of Haematology, Blood Bank Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology, Histology/Cytology, Specimen and Request registration, Accounts Receivable, Phlebotomy,Immunology/Serology and other departments.

To date, TrakCare Lab has provided a comprehensive solution for the data management needs of GIMC laboratory such as:
Customised patient entry screens per department or laboratory user site
Automatic faxing of results including details of patient history and medical condition, to referring doctors
Performed report scheduling
Customized confidential printing of reports with highest security.
Provided remote system access
Integration of pictures with abundant space for comments on Microsoft Word
Export information to other systems
Specimen pre-registration and online device load lists, facilitating rapid turnaround times
Unlimited capacity for clinical history details and comments
Image scanning
Medical Lab Technologists at GIMC are assured of complete confidentiality of test results and the care providers viewing. TrakCare LAB has catered to the requirements of GIMC’s security feature by engaging additional passwords and disallowing numbers of previous passwords to its system.

TrakCare LAB is also able to interface with over 100 of the most common and latest analyzer interface available, offering uni-and bi-directional capabilities with barcode reader functionality and direct TCP/IP interface connections via dedicated instrument terminal servers, utilizing the ASTM or supplier/analyzer-specific protocols. With this module, GIMC has reduced time spent in manual data entry. With the barcode reading functionality, faster and more accurate labels are guaranteed.

GIMC TrakCare LAB users are happy with the lab system. They have made good use of the system and are looking forward to utilize the new functionalities developed in TrakCare LAB. With the current modules such as Worksheets, Interfaces, Quality Control, Results, Reports, Web Results Viewer, Specimen Storage and Image Scanning modules, GIMC is increased efficiency of the lab department by leaps and bounds. The Reports module, has enabled the Staff to access complex reports which are fully ODBC compliant, allowing them to connect to reporting tools.

TrakCare LAB has also assisted staff to organize their reports efficiently and make customizable changes to their reports easily. Various doctor reports are customizable according to each doctor preferences.

Using the Worksheet module, GIMC has incorporated multiple tests with defined turnaround times. A dedicated worksheet module allows staff to enter results on a screen that mirrors the layout of the printed worksheet, significantly improving the time of result entry for manual assays when interfacing is not available.

With the specimen storage module, staff will never again look under the wrong label or search for specimens at various locations in the hospital, buildings, refrigerators, and individual storage containers. Configuration of storage locations can be done entirely by users to ensure accurate identification and retrieval of stored samples for further testing.

In short GIMC is a satisfied user of TrakCare LAB.