Department of Statistics Malaysia

DOSM is probably the organization that performs most analysis in the nation. DOSM stores most data in the country that includes Trade, Economics, Finance, Population, Agriculture and many other Censuses. In order to convert the raw data to the final analysis requested by many government agencies, reporting and analysis becomes the key task in DOSM. With the constantly changing reporting requirements, needs of drill down to identify trends and patterns, alert on exceptional data and complex cleansing of raw data within a limited time for the various agencies that require these final reports and analysis, caused DOSM to look into OLAP and Business Intelligence for solution of their requirements and needs mentioned.

DOSM has tried out various OLAP tools, but as the IT Director, Madam Roszaini Omar has mentioned “the other OLAP solutions require more than 40 days in redesigning and rebuilding whenever we have new requirement, if we do not go through this lengthy change, the query will run extremely slow”.

A user of the OLAP once mentioned “They claimed that they have an Ad-Hoc query tool, but whatever we want to query, we must pre-aggregate first for decent performance, how can we consider that as Ad-Hoc?”

DOSM iniatiated Speedminer DW & BPM in August 2005 in Trade Department. The project was very successful, and the Agriculture Census by the Small Medium Enterprise etc.

With Speedminer’s intuitive reporting capabailities, reports to government agencies are now delivered earlier than before. As Speedminer is a total web based solution with zero foot print, DOSM has allowed many government agencies such as Central Provisional Bank, Inland Revenue Authority, Employee Provisional Fund and others to directly access Speedminer DW & BPM reports and analysis via Web browser.

DOSM used to backup historical data in the tape, but with Speedminer DW & BPM, they are all made available online. Through the powerful ETL and cleansing module, Speedminer DW & BPM helps DOSM to track invalid patterns in information quickly based on historical data and the business rule entered. For example, inconsistencies in the patterns that point to fraud error and manipulation can be detected easily for further actions. Many forwarders who intentionally enter wrong information to get tax advantage are discovered using Speedminer.

First OLAP on OLTP

OLAP vendors hope to have their OLAP solution running on OLTP architecture. Why? Simply because OLAP currently requires separate data modeling and has limitation to support Real Time OLAP, as data is updated in OLTP and the time gap between the data updated to OLAP cannot be avoided. The OLAP data modeling often takes 60 – 70% of the entire Data Warehouse and BI project. Changes in OLTP design sometimes cause redesign of the OLAP data model, which is extremely time consuming. The maintenance effort of OLAP is heavy, and high skill set is required to be built up within the organization.

Speedminer is the first DW/BI solution that runs directly on OLTP, Speedminer is not exactly an OLAP product, however, it provides all functionalities of OLAP and much more. Best of all, it takes much lesser time to implement, and maintain.

Benefits to customers: 
1. Real Time OLAP 
2. Shorter Implementation Period 
3. Easier Maintenance
"Speedminer has provided DOSM with the right BI tools to effectively provide a seamless on-demand analysis solutions for our users. It is powerful and always gives us consistent performance. From our experience, Speedminer took only 2 days to complete a complex POC, which other BI tools couldn't. The maintenance and support is simple and the tool is user friendly. DOSM is currently looking into expanding the use of Speedminer DW & BPM in the department."
Madam Roszaini Omar
IT Director (Department of Statistics Malaysia)