Selayang Hospital

Selayang Hospital is the first fully electronic medical record, paperless hospital built as a showcase for Malaysia’s government hospitals. Although Data Warehouse project is part of the Total Hospital Information System, it had not been implemented even after going live for many years. The complexity of the hospital system architecture contributes to the difficulty for business intelligence and report generation.

When Speedminer was presented to the hospital, the Head of Medical Record mentioned “This is the tool that I have been looking for so long, and now I want to implement it”. She was so determined, that even without the approval of purchase, she was willing to rent the system. After 2 months of full implementation in Medical Record department, the other departments became amazed with the capabilities of Speedminer and wanted to have the system for their department as well. As a result, from a departmental implementation, Speedminer project was then converted into Selayang Hospital’s Business Intelligence project.

"Users from Selayang Hospital are very satisfied and happy using Speedminer DW & BPM as a data warehouse software. They can count on Speedminer DW & BPM to get their statistics. Senior clinicians and users from the emergency, pathology, and medical record department say that Speedminer DW & BPM is reliable and fulfills most requirements, despite the challenge in extracting data from the most complex CERNER database."
Lee Sak Wah
Head of Clinical Application, Selayang Hospital