Pantai Premier Pathology Pte. Ltd.

Pantai Premier Pathology Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in July 1997 as an independent provider of medical laboratory services that has added capacity to cater for specialized and critical medical diagnosis that are generally required within hospital environment.

Pantai’s overriding mission is to continually improve services to meet current and future healthcare needs. It is dedicated to provide round the clock service at their in-house hospital laboratories 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In April 2005, Pantai Premier decided to capitalize on TrakCare LAB for their laboratory needs. Medical Lab Technologists were facing problems in their day to day functionalities as documents could not be printed or faxed in the appropriate format. This therefore increased time spent on generating the desired report. The transition from the DOS operating system to TrakCare LAB initialized many firsts in Pantai Premier’s laboratory workload.

With TrakCare LAB, staff have easy-to-use system familiar to anyone who can use Windows on a PC. Staff have the choice of using the mouse, the keyboard, or both, therefore enabling the retrieval of information using familiar office productivity tools that support the industry-standard interface.

Full text editing in all screen displays, allows staff total flexibility. Help text on all data entry screens and fields provides staffs with clear, concise instructions relating to that field. The find function on all coded data prompts, allows staffs to access predefined codes eliminating the need to commit an extensive list to memory or having a cumbersome hard copy at hand.

TrakCare LAB runs faster on the same platform than other systems. This translates into a lower hardware investment for Pantai Premier.

As TrakCare LAB is an open systems product that is able to sit on a diverse choice of platform, from a PC to a mainframe and on a range of operating systems including Windows 98, NT, and UNIX, it inherently brings benefits in the choice of leading edge hardware. TrakCare LAB software has been designed to exploit client/server technology therefore staff can have TrakCare LAB run on PC’s or large UNIX boxes.

This system has a full range of application modules that allows staff to begin with a modest implementation through to full-scale as automated as required. With Pantai Premier’s current database size of 4GB and still growing, TrakCare LAB has managed to convey data and information to ODBC-compliant products for export of information and transfer of reports. The automatic faxing of results, the ability to access the system remotely, accessing lab result inquiries via the Internet, and the scanning of source documents has greatly reduced the discrepancies that was present before.

TrakCare Lab has enhanced the quality of work at Pantai Premier by generating weekly and monthly invoices, customizing all billing to Malaysian standard and also customizing doctor reports as required.