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Speedminer Enterprise Solution



For the second year running, Speedminer Sdn. Bhd. has acquired yet another award for its flagship product,"Speedminer Data Warehouse and Business Performance Management (Speedminer DW & BPM)". Speedminer DW & BPM was selected based on its originality, local development and significant contribution to the advancement of the local ICT industry from a total of around 30 other nominations.


Speedminer Pte. Ltd. is proud to announce that we have emerged WINNERS for the PIKOM NATIONAL ICT AWARDS 2006 in the category of 'Emerging Company of the Year'. Speedminer Pte. Ltd. was selected a winner based on our outstanding growth potential and promising yet realistic projection for a company established within the last 24 months.

MSC APICTA AWARD 2006 12-10-06

The Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) is an international Awards Program initiated by the Multimedia Development Corporation of Malaysia to increase ICT awareness in the community. By providing networking and product benchmarking opportunities to ICT innovators and entrepreneurs in the region, the program is designed to stimulate ICT innovation and creativity, promote economic and trade relations, facilitate technology transfer, and offer business-matching opportunities via exposure to venture capitalists and investors.

Speedminer Sdn. Bhd. is proud to announce that our product, Speedminer DW & BPM has emerged WINNER in the Best of Applications and Infrastructure Tools, category of the MSC Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2006.

This award is presented to the most innovative applications and infrastructure tools. Speedminer DW & BPM has successfully surpassed close to 100 other nominations to emerge winner.

Among the stringent requirements in this category is to have a product that operates hardware, increases the efficiency of systems, measures and/or monitors systems usage and performance. The software should also provide for data access/retrieval, data manipulation (e.g. sort/merge), data management, and program design/development. This product must include all database management system (DBMS) software; decision-support and executive information system (EIS) programs; spreadsheet programs; front-end and back-end CASE tools; and emerging areas like cooperative processing and/or object management application development tools.

Speedminer DW & BPM is now in the running towards the Best of Applications and Infrastructure Tools category in the Asia Pacific region, whereby representing the country Malaysia. Our product Speedminer DW & BPM will be competing against winners from 15 other member countries, which include Australia, Hong Kong, Brunei, China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc. in November 2006.

Speedminer Pte. Ltd. Directors, Mr Thomas How and Ms Cassandra Chuan with the Best of Applications and Infrastructure Award 2006. With them is the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology YB Dato' Kong Cho Ha and the Chairman of Multimedia Development Corporation.

Miss Dahzuani from Speedminer Pte. Ltd. briefing the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, YB Dato' Kong Cho Ha on the features of Speedminer Data Warehouse and Business Performance Management.

MSC APICTA certificate

In 2006, Speedminer DW & BPM has successfully been awarded the following projects 21-09-06


February 2006 Fatimah Hospital
March 2006 Hospital Sultan Ismail
September 2006 Socso Malaysia
September 2006 Indah Water Konsortium (National Sewerage Company)


New Zealand
January 2006 St George's Hospital, Christchurch

February 2006 Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Beijing
YueBei People's Hospital

March 2006 Mahachai Hospital
March 2006 Chaophya Hospital

June 2006 Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Muscat

South Africa
September 2006 IALCH, Durban

TrakCare T.H.I.S Symposium 2005 & Speedminer -Ensemble Symposium 2005 20-03-06

TrakCare T.H.I.S Symposium 2005 and Speedminer -Ensemble Symposium 2005 was held on the 8th ofDecember at the Corus Hotel. TrakCare T.H.I.S. Symposium 2005 started at approximately 9am. This session was attended by leading hospitals, laboratories and healthcare sectors. It showcased an affordable hospital IT solution thatis fully integrated and caters for the clinical, administrative and financial needs of a modern hospital. Hesper Technology Sdn. Bhd.(www.hesper.com.my), is the sole distributor of TrakCare in Malaysia.

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The least expensive data warehouse ever?
30-12-04 Abstract from Star )

PETALING JAYA: A local software developer is claiming that it can implement data warehousing solutions with fewer consultants and for as little as one-fifth the cost of solutions from larger rivals.

The solution uses its own data engine, which cuts licence fees and the need to fly in expensive consultants from abroad; it can be implemented in less time with fewer people; and it requires less hardware to run.

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