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Benefits to customers:
1. Business Users are able to build their own report, therefore removing the reporting backlog from IT.

2. Cost saving in IT due to easier way of building report through the
creation of knowledge bank of report component (shortcuts).

True Business Users Reporting Tools

"Speedminer DW & BPM is a very powerful Enterprise Performance Management and Reporting tool, which allows IJN to develop extremely complex KPI calculation and put them together into a Scorecard, that is easily accessible by the management of IJN. Our calculation of bill, cost, accrual figure and other complex calculations are performed using VB Scripting and Object Scripting environment of Caché, and the scripts can be easily attached to various areas of Speedminer DW & BPM system.

Speedminer DW & BPM is very easy to use and it helps us to produce analysis and reports within minutes, which normally takes days to develop using other reporting technology."

-- Mr. Teoh Teong Chooi
Senior Manager
IT Department (IJN)

National Heart Institute (IJN)
Established in September 1992, IJN is the national heart referral centre. As a prestigious heart center, IJN has performed many organ transplants as well as implantations that are first of its kind in the Asia and Australasia.

With the objective of improving the quality of patient care, IJN has chosen TrakCare and implemented the system since 1999. IJN is fully aware of the value of the medical information collected within the system to enable research, and better hospital operation management, and that leads to implementation of Speedminer.