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Hesper counts some of the most reputable hospitals and companies in Malaysia and overseas as part of our list of satisfied customers. Some of our valued customers' are:

National Heart Centre

From the humble beginnings as a government hospital in July 1992, IJN was corporatised in September of the same year. This was the beginning of an era of sophisticated and computerised cardiovascular medicine in Malaysia.

IJN is dedicated to serving the needs of heart patients by providing cardiology, paediatric cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery services for both adult and paediatric cases. Today, IJN has highly competent team of cardiologists, paediatric cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiac anaesthetists, support staff and the most up-to-date equipment to handle emergencies and even the most complicated cases.
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Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre

Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, comprises a 330-bed tertiary care hospital and a separate Medical Office Building (MOB) accommodating consultants of various specialties and sub-specialties for outpatient services.

The MOB comprises 110 specialists consulting suites, a 180-seat auditorium on the top floor with a retail pharmacy, a bank and a cafe on the ground floor. Specialists practicing in the MOB are independent practitioners.
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Selayang Hospital

Selayang Hospital is a hospital with 960 inpatient beds and 20 clinical disciplines located in Selayang in the Gombak District, Selangor. This hospital provides secondary and selected national tertiary care services.

In the planning and implementation of Selayang Hospital, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has taken cognisance of the objective of Vision 2020 whereby Malaysia shall reach the status of a developed country by 2020, and of the MOH vision. This implies that Selayang Hospital is designed and equipped to meet world class standards.
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Islamic Medical Centre (PUSRAWI)

PUSRAWI is a 90 bed hospital which offers various disciplines of treatment. This includes specialist, general and emergency treatment in curative and rehabilitation fields. The services include inpatient, outpatient, and diagnostics. PUSRAWI offers modern and comprehensive medical equipments which are manned by experienced professionals.

PUSRAWI envisions to become a fully fledged Islamic hospital that emphasizes on Islamic values of management, administration and medical treatment. It's focus is to become a reputable Islamic hospital in the region.



AVISENA Specialist Hospital

AVISENA is a fast growing healthcare group providing a wide range of healthcare services for the community. The group is principally involved in the development, management and operations of healthcare institutions and facilities. AVISENA is committed to serve the healthcare needs of the community and to provide the highest standard of healthcare, which is affordable to the middle and upper middle income brackets. They constantly envision new services and requirements of the community they serve.
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Pantai Premier Pathology Pte. Ltd.

Pantai Premier Pathology Pte. Ltd.,(PPPSB) formerly known as Premier Carrier Sdn. Bhd, was incorporated in July 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary company of Pantai Support Services Sdn. Bhd. which in turn is wholly owned by Pantai Holdings Berhad. PPPSB provides a diverse range of quality diagnostic and analytical laboratory testing services to referring medical practitioners. Referrals are received from a broad serving base of general practitioners and specialist doctors, from medical clinics, medical centres to large tertiary hospitals in Malaysia.
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Hospital Fatimah

Hospital Fatimah is a 219 bedded, not-for-profit, private specialist hospital nestled amongst lush greenery within the city of Ipoh, Malaysia. The hospital is strategically located in the business centre of Ipoh Garden with easy access to public transport, banks, shops and popular eateries.

Hospital Fatimah has been providing healthcare services to the community in Ipoh City and the surrounding areas since 1974. The Hospital, founded by a religious congregation, The Congregation of the Brothers of Mercy delivers high quality and compassionate healthcare to patients from all levels of society, irrespective of race, religion or creed.

  Department of Prime Minister, Malaysia
Prime Minister office(PMO)

The Office of the Prime Minister, PMO in short, under the authority of the Prime Minister's Department, is entrusted with assisting the Prime Minister in implementing the following mission and objectives. The main mission is to secure an efficient environment for the Prime Minister to perform his duties and responsibilities effectively. The Prime Minister's Office objectives are to provide, organized and speedy services in performing the tasks and responsibilities of the honorable Prime Minister.
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Department of Statistics Malaysia

The Department of Statistics was established in 1949 under the provisions of the Statistics Ordinance 1949 and was then known as the Bureau of Statistics. The statistics produced at that time were limited to external trade and estate agriculture. In 1965, the name of Bureau of Statistics was changed to the Department of Statistics, Malaysia and operated under the provisions of the Statistics Act 1965 (Revised 1989). At the same time, the statistical offices in Sabah and Sarawak became branches of the Department of Statistics headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. In Peninsular Malaysia, state offices were established in stages from 1971 to 1982. In the government organisational structure, the Department of Statistics, Malaysia is placed under the Prime Minister's Department.
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Attorney General's Chambers (AGC)

The Attorney General¡'s Chambers (AGC) is the office of the Attorney General of Malaysia. It started with the provenance of the Attorney General as the country¡'s chief law officer, and later AGC was recognised as a formal government institution. In 1948, the various functions of legal advice afforded to the then colonial government were consolidated as a federal department under the provisions of the Federation of Malaya Agreement, 1948. Later in 1951, the AGC (then known as the Department of Law) was classified as a Ministry and was held responsible for all legal matters involving the Government.


Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia(DID)

"It was the vital need for irrigation facilities - to open new areas for a fledging paddy growing industry - that provided the impetus for the establishment of the Department of Irrigation and Drainage or the DID as it is popularly known."

Prior to the formation of DID in 1932, all works in connection with drainage and irrigation was related to by the Public Works Department. Following the slump in the tin and rubber industries in the late twenties and the worsening rice situation in the country, the then British High Commissioner appointed in 1930 a Rice Cultivation Committee to determine "the best steps to be taken in order to encourage rice cultivation in Malaya".


Malaysia Productivity Corporation ( MPC)

The Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) which was formerly known as the National Productivity Corporation was established in 1962 as a joint project between the United Nations Special Fund and the Federal Government, with the International Labour Organisation acting as its executing agency.

SOCSO Malaysia

SOCSO Malaysia is a goverment body committed to ensure socio-economic security of all working Malaysian citizens including their dependants through :-

The principle of Social Insurance:

To provide speedy, quality and efficient services using the most cost-effective methods while utilising advanced technology and ensuring human resource development.

To review the benefit structure periodically as well as the benefit disbursement system.

As far as possible without increasing the contribution rate to secure and strengthen SOCSO's funds through prudent financial and investment management.

To promote and encourage work safety and health of workers and employers alike.
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Indah Water Konsortium Pte. Ltd.

Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd, a national sewerage company, wholly-owned by the Minister of Finance Incorporated, is responsible for providing sewerage services, operating and maintaining over 8,800 public sewage treatment plants, 15,000km networks of sewerage pipelines and providing scheduled desludging services to over 350,000 individual septic tanks in Malaysia for the past 10 years since April 1994.

Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board

The Tourist Development Corporation of Malaysia (TDC), was established on 10 August 1972 as an agency under the former Ministry of Trade and Industry by an Act of Parliament. It was a year that saw full-fledged efforts and determination to promote tourism.

On 20 May 1987, the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism was incepted. TDC was then moved from the Ministry of Trade and Industry to this new ministry. In May 1992, the Tourist Development Corporation of Malaysia Act 1972 was repealed and replaced by the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board Act 1992.

With this change, the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB), more popularly known as "Tourism Malaysia", was formally established. It was relieved of its former development and enforcement functions to enable it to focus specifically on promoting Malaysia at a domestic and international level.


TDM Plantation Sdn. Bhd.

TDM Berhad was formed in 1965 and was listed on Bursa Malaysia in 1969. The company is presently listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia.

TDM Group's core businesses are in oil palm plantation and healthcare.

The Group's plantation division is involved in the development and management of oil palm plantations and in the processing of crude palm oil and palm kernel. The division currently manages approximately 37,000 hectares of oil palm plantations and owns two palm oil mills in Terengganu. In 2007, the Group ventured into the setting-up of oil palm plantations in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The Group's healthcare division operates three specialist hospitals, namely the Kelana Jaya Medical Centre in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Kuantan Medical Centre in Kuantan, Pahang, and Kuala Terengganu Specialist Hospital in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.


Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad ("Dutch Lady Malaysia") is a leader in the quality branded dairy business in Malaysia. It was incorporated in 1963, and was the first milk company in Malaysia to be listed on Bursa Malaysia, the local Stock Exchange in 1968. Its holding company is Royal FrieslandCampina, a Dutch multinational corporation and one of the largest milk companies in the world. Permodalan Nasional Berhad is the second largest shareholder in the Company.


Lembaga Penduduk Dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN)

The National Population and Family Development Board was established through The Family Planning Act, No. 42, 1966 under the name National Family Planning Board. As a statutory body under the Prime Minister's Department. Its objective was to help reduce the population growth rate from 3% in 1966 to 2% by 1985, through the implementation of a National Family Planning Programme.

In 1984, the Act was revised to be in line with the widening scope of programmes and activities and NPFDB was renamed the National Population and Family Development Board (NPFDB)

In October 1990, the NPFDB was moved from the Prime Minister's Department to the Ministry of National Unity and Social Development.

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) was established on 24 February 1969 under the leadership of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA). The College was named after the late YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Father of Malaysian Independence.

The College is 50% subsidised by the Government for all its recurrent and capital expenditure. The other 50% is borne by the Trustees.

The vision of MCA was to establish an institution of higher for young Malaysians who have, for one reason or another, been deprived of the opportunity to seek education, as well as to meet the rising demand from the private sector for trained professional, sub-professional and technical personnel in the task of nation building.

B. Braun Medical Supplies Pte. Ltd.

Whether on the ward or in the operating theater, B Braun supports reliable products and procedures that work efficiently in development and products for medicine: in anesthesiology and surgery, intensive care and nephrology as well as urology and the pharmacy.

B Braun links products and services which focus on particular fields, e.g. infusion therapy and clinical nutrition, dialysis, wound care, surgical instruments, sterilization and hygiene.

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

UNIMAS is an ISO-certified university and has its own vision of becoming an exemplary university of internationally acknowledged stature and a scholarly institution of choice for both students and academics through the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and scholarship. UNIMAS has also been awarded with Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Status because of its strong emphasis on technology and apart from its role and ability to provide manpower for MSC and related needs.

BeiJing Jishuitan Hospital

BeiJing Jishuitan Hospital is located at the northwest side of Beijing city. It was founded on the 28th of January, 1956. Currently, it has over 1,000 beds and more than 1,940 staff. It boosts of an engineering academy, and more than 200 specialists. This hospital is well known for its treatment in orthopedic and burns. It is one of the top general hospitals in China. BeiJing Jishuitan Hospital has its own institute, which does research and investigation in orthopedic and burns.

The General Hospital Guang Zhou Command Of PLA

This hospital was founded in 1933. Its initial status was called Guang Zhou Amphibious General Hospital. However, in 1955, it was named as Guang Zhou General Hospital. In 1976, Guang Zhou General Hospital became registered with the World Health Organization as Liu Hua Qiao Hospital.

The total floor area of this hospital is about 210,000 square meters. The building area is about 240,000 square meters. About 50 technical departments have been set up. So far, this hospital holds more than 1300 beds, and more than 1600 technical staffs. Every year around 530,000 outpatient and 180,000 inpatient treatments are conducted. On a yearly basis about 63,000 operations are done. Since 1995, Guang Zhou General Hospital has developed very fast. It is now a very large scale hospital, rich in technical and human resource systems. Furthermore, it has advanced technical equipments, good environment, and excellent services. Guang Zhou General Hospital makes up of a combination of various disciplines such as medical treatment and healing, education, investigation, research and health care among the A class hospitals. Currently it has also been appointed as a formal medical health check institution by an insurance firm for its clients.

BeiJing Friendship Hospital

Established in 1952, Beijing Friendship Hospital was the first hospital set up in the national capital by the central government. Its original name was Beijing Soviet Union Red Cross Hospital and was renamed Beijing Friendship Hospital in 1970 by the late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai.
Shortly after the founding of the hospital, the Chinese government transferred many outstanding medical and nursing staff from all parts of China, to establish various disciplines of rigorous medical treatment and hospital management. It has become a first grade large and comprehensive hospital which integrates Chinese and Western medication that produces an impact on the medical and health circles of the capital.

The new outpatient service building was opened on 28th September, 2004, which is the most advanced of its kind in Beijing with a helicopter parking apron on the top and a reception capacity of 5,000 per day.

Beijing Hospital of TMC

Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated to Capital University of Medicine Sciences (Beijing Hospital of TCM), which was established in 1956, undertaking the duty of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention is the only municipal comprehensive 3rd-class A-level hospital. It also subordinates Beijing Research Institute of TCM, Zhaobingnan Medical treatment center of Dermatosis, and Beijing international training centre of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Beijing Ditan Hospital

Beijing Ditan Hospital,formerly named the First Infectious Diseases Hospital of Beijing,was founded in l946. It is a 3A city hospital(top—level hospital in our grading system)under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Health,Beijing Health Bureau and the Center of Disease Prevention and Control. Its many functions are as follows:one of the 10 hospitals in Beijing designated for foreign service,teaching hospital of the Medical College of Beijing University,institution for postgraduate education,National Base for Clinical Trials of Pharmaceutical Products, Clinical Training Base for AIDS Prevention and Treatment of the Ministry of Health, China -European Union Training Base for Prevention and Control of AIDS and Venereal Diseases, Beijing Consulting Center of Difficult and Complex Diseases,Clinical Base for Treating Infectious Diseases with Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine (work supported by State Administration of TCM and International SOS and AEA Company), Clinical Base for AIDS Treatment with Chinese Medicine, Beijing Research Center for Prevention and Treatment of Viral Infectious Diseases,and Beijing AIDS Clinical Research Center.

  The People's Hospital Of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regional People's Hospital in Xixia district in Yinchuan City is a set of medical, teaching, research, preventive health care, rehabilitation as one integrated three-level hospitals, Ningxia Medical College teaching hospital. It is also the Ministry of Health, State Science and Technology Commission; the body designated external fixator and the world center for the promotion of artificial lens in the five centers. Beijing University People's Hospital Institute of Bone and Joint Clinic in Ningxia, Ningxia Institute of Ophthalmology, the clinical testing center in Ningxia, Ningxia spine, bone and joint surgery centers, Ningxia Adverse Drug Reaction Testing Center, Ningxia rehabilitation hospitals are located in the hospital.

The First Hospital of China Medical University

West China Second University Hospital (China)

West China Second UNIV Hospital of Sichuan University / West China Women’s and Children's Hospital (formerly the Second West China Medical University Hospital), the western region is the largest and the oldest, set health care, teaching, research and preventive health care as one of the three-level women Nissan Children's Hospital.


West China Hospital,Sichuan University

The history of the Hospital can be retraced to 1892 when the cheuch missions from Canada, the Great Britain and the United States set up Renji Hospital and Cunren Hospital respectively.

The hospital covers an area of 21 hectars, owns 300,000 square meters of building for clinical use while its fixed assets arrives at 1.4 billion RMB. The hospital has 3400 beds, which ranks the first in China and the percentage of clinical usage reaches 120%.

There are 3400 beds, 34 clinical departments, 13 medical technology departments in
West China Hospital of Sichuan University. The present staff number 2439, among whom, there are over 400 professors and associate professors. With the purpose of doing good care and excellent service for the patients, the hospital sets up the Senior Experts Consulting Center, 200 special clinics and walk-in clinic without rest at weekend and noon. In order to meet the several needs of public, the hospital also sets up Community Health Center, Medical Center for Tibet public and Golden Card Hospital.


Weifang People's Hospital

Weifang People's Hospital originated in 1881, over a century now has developed into a comprehensive modern hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, first aid, disease prevention and healthcare. It provides medical services for a population of 8.5 million in Weifang and more in neighboring areas. The hospital was firstly rated as a 3A hospital by the Health Ministry in 1992. There're 1,000 beds for clinical use, annually the volume for outpatient and hospitalization can reach 500,000 and 25,000 person times respectively, 9,000 operations can be conducted, its fixed assets can reach RMB 0.5 billion Yuan .


Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical University

Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical University, Yinchuan, capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is located in Victory Street, Centralized on health care, teaching, research, preventive health care and cadres of health care functions, it is onf of the province of large, strong technical force, advanced medical equipment, expert team meets a comprehensive hospitals of.

Hospital covers more than 210,000 square meters, construction area of more than 270,000 square meters. Fixed assets of 800 million yuan, total assets of 1.2 billion and 2023 employees, including professional and technical staff of 1812 people, 510 senior engineers, 751 intermediate grade, 31 doctoral, 224 master's degree. Open bed 1900, a total of 40 clinical departments, 12 medical departments, 17 teaching and research, five research institutes, four regional-level key disciplines, master's degree in clinical medicine as a discipline point (there are 13 subjects in secondary enrollment). Emergency department volume of more than 72 years, million, 39,000 people hospitalized patients, surgery volume (including outpatient) 1.8 million.


First Clinical College of Harbin Medical University

First Clinical College of Harbin Medical University was founded in 1949, it is concentrate on health care, teaching and research as one of the large general hospital, and was Located in downtown Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, is the province's largest medical center. it was honored with "Third Grade Class" on 1998, and "National100 Hospital" designation in 1998. Medical radiation extend to neighboring countries and regions, inside and outside the two hospitals and the provincial health coordination group formed.

  Mahachai General Hospital

The Group's principal activity is the operation of a private general hospital under the name of "Mahachai Hospital". The hospital has started since 1989 with the capacity of 180 beds. The group operates solely in Thailand.

Chaophya Hospital

Chao Phya Hospital is a 400-bed hospital established in 1991 in Thailand. The main objective of Chao Phya Hospital is to provide international standard health care not only for the Thai community,but also for neighbouring countries and anyone else around the world. This mission serves as an impetus for the management and staff of Chao Phya Hospital to strive hard and be devoted to serve the needs of patients, and ensure the medical services and facilities continuously meet all requirements embraced in the ISO and Hospital Accreditation Standards.

Saudi Arabia

Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City (The Largest Rehabilitation Hospital in the WORLD)

As a one of a kind rehabilitation center, the Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City provides much needed rehabilitation services for the disabled and injured who can benefit from rehabilitation.

The Humanitarian City focuses on meeting the unique needs of various disabilities and illnesses with the goal of returning the patient to community at their highest functional level.

New Zealand
St. George's Hospital

St. George's Hospital is one of the best-equipped private hospitals in Australasia, offering an extensive range of surgical services. It also provides a range of maternity services. It offers modern hospital facilities which utilises the very best in today's technology, highly qualified medical, surgical, nursing and midwifery staff, and all the conveniences of a home away from home. Ensuite patient rooms offer all the modern conveniences - electric beds with push button control to assist patient comfort, full entertainment system including Sky TV, video, DVD systems and in-house radio and internet access.


Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital involvement in health care is a valuable part of Dunedin, history dating back to 1897 when the first Sisters of Mercy arrived from Australia, living and working among the families and homes of South Dunedin.

In 1936 the Mater Misericordiae Hospital was opened in Royal Terrace, offering 24 medical and surgical beds. With a growing need for facilities, the move to the beautiful grounds of Marinoto in Newington Avenue took place in November 1969 where the Sisters of Mercy had built a 66-bed hospital. The hospital's name was changed to Mercy Hospital in 1988.


Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

The 524-bed University Hospital is operated by a highly trained staff supported by the most advanced laboratories and diagnostic equipment. It is planned for a staff of over 1,000, plus additional members from the College of Medicine. With the exception of University students and staff who have special primary health care clinics, patients are seen in the University Hospital by referral only.

The primary function of the University Hospital, besides providing medical services, is to act as a clinical teaching and research centre in collaboration with the College of Medicine. It also coordinates in both functions with other selectedhospitals in the Sultanate.

South Africa

Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital

The Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital is a central and a tertiary care, referral hospital, located in Bellair Road, Mayville, Durban. It is the first large-scale new hospital to be built in South Africa since 1994.
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  Emirates Clinics

DU Dubai Telecommunications Ltd

DU aims to be a first-choice provider in UAE for communications and entertainment solutions, making customers lives easier and more enjoyable. Young, smart and focused, DU aims to enhance and exceed customers' communications expectations. The expertise, complimented by a modern and progressive concept, provides a unique advantage for both business users and consumers. DU promises to enable better experiences for their customers. This is fulfilled by the mission to employ the best talent and deliver excellence, innovation and value to shareholders while contributing to and celebrating the rich heritage and diversity of the UAE. DU is on their way to meet the challenge through dedication, innovation and an uncompromising customer focus.


Royale Hayat Hospital

The Royale Hayat is a private Maternal/Child facility. Operated and managed by InterHealth Canada for Ghannam Medical Services, the hospital aims to provide the highest standards of Western Medicine coupled with 5-star hospitality services. Facilities include: 18 L&D suites; 49 Postpartum rooms; 6 Paediatric rooms (all private); Special Care Baby Unit; 4 Theatres and Post Anaesthesia Recovery Unit; OPD and IVF clinic.


Nittany Eye Associates

Nittany Eye Associates is committed to providing patients with the most comprehensive, friendly and technologically advanced eye care available. Their renown optometrists are proficient in all aspects of medical eye and vision care. Every individual is treated with care and time is taken to answer all questions on eye conditions in detail. Should patients need surgical intervention, the optometrists work with three of the finest ophthalmologists in the area. So whether it's glaucoma, cataracts, contact lenses or Lasik, patients will find everything they need at Nittany Eye Associates.


West Hills Vision Center

The mission of the doctors and staff at West Hills Vision Center is to provide the most comprehensive eye care in order to ensure the health and well-being of patients eyes. West Hills offers patients the most technologically advanced equipment and services, as well as state-of-the-art materials in the form of glasses and contact lenses. Every patients individual needs is assessed with sincerity, enthusiasm, and kindness. West Hills Vision Center is committed to excellence and hope that it exceeds patients expectations.


EyeCare Associates

The first Raleigh eye care center was opened in 1978, Eye Care Associates has been serving the greater Triangle community for more than 25 years. Now there are 12 offices throughout the Raleigh area plus the newest location in Wilmington, to ensure convenient visits. Patients can be assured of quality eye care treatments and excellent customer service.


Primary Eyecare Associates

It is the mission of Primary Eyecare Associates to provide consistent professional eye-care, patient education, and excellent customer service that will enhance the quality of life for each and every patient.
The professional eye doctors perform a complete eye health examination utilizing the most advanced instruments and techniques. A complete evaluation not only consists of a vision exam, but also includes a complete eye health evaluation. Many systemic diseases are found through these thorough exams and can be diagnosed and treated to prevent further damage. Doctors will spend time to discuss vision problems in detail and ensure patients have understanding of diagnosis and treatment options.


Ocean State Eye Care

Ocean State Eye Care provides comprehensive service for eye treatment which includes eye examinations, optical dispensing, surgery co-management, eye diseases, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, vision theraphy, laser vision correction, eye infection, eye injuries, dry eyes, low vision services etc.


QuadraMed, United States

QuadraMed is the industry leader in developing information technology solution that enables efficient information management in healthcare organizations. This renowned healthcare information system provider offers services ranging from clinical management to patient information management, from revenue cycle management to health information management. Having the knowledge and experiences of daily workings with large healthcare institutions, QuadraMed rapidly see the potential of how embedded real-time business intelligence could make their applications more valuable by giving users timely information. This then enhanced the work performance and effectiveness of the users.
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Manipal Hospital (18 Hospitals)

Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India's first hospital to be ISO 9001:2000 certified for Clinical, Nursing, Diagnostics and Allied Areas. The hospital has been declared winner of the prestigious Golden Peacock National Quality Award 2005 in the service category. Founded 5 decades ago by Dr. T MA Pai, Physician, Educationist, Banker and Philanthropist, Manipal Group has a strong academic focus. MAHE - Deemed University at Manipal is a University Town with 3 Universities, 24 Colleges and over 20000 students from over 39 countries. Manipal Health Systems, the Hospital Management Company of the Group treats over 19 lakhs patients every year. Manipal Healthcare manages 11 hospitals, including 8 teaching hospitals. The Manipal Healthcare Group now has internationally-renowned hospitals in its ambit, such as the Manipal Hospital in Bangalore and Kasturba Hospital in Manipal.


Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is a 650-bed multi-speciality state-of-the-art hospital in Delhi. It provides comprehensive health care services, and has acquired the status of a premier medical institution. It is the only hospital in the private sector that has maintained nearly 100% bed occupancy due to its reputation of providing the highest level of medical services to patients from Delhi and neighbouring states. The hospital was founded initially in 1921 at Lahore by Sir Ganga Ram (1851-1927), a civil engineer and leading philanthropist of his times. After the partition in 1947, the present hospital was established in New Delhi on a plot of land approximately11 acres. The foundation was laid in April 1951 by the then Prime Minister of India Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru and inaugurated by him on 13 April 1954.
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