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Mr. Thomas How with Mr Pierre Leducq during the start of the Speedminer-Ensemble Symposium 2005.

Mr. Kenny Lim,
the Marketing and
Sales Director of
TrakHealth Pty. Ltd.
making a point
during the TrakCare
T.H.I.S session.

Mr. Thomas How during
the TrakCare T.H.I.S. Symposium 2005.

TrakCare T.H.I.S Symposium 2005 & Speedminer -Ensemble Symposium 2005

TrakCare T.H.I.S Symposium 2005 and Speedminer -Ensemble Symposium 2005 was held on the 8th of December at the Corus Hotel. TrakCare T.H.I.S. Symposium 2005 started at approximately 9am. This session was attended by leading hospitals, laboratories and healthcare sectors. It showcased an affordable hospital IT solution that is fully integrated and caters for the clinical, administrative and financial needs of a modern hospital. Hesper Technology Sdn. Bhd.(, is the sole distributor of TrakCare in Malaysia.

TrakCare, developed and marketed by TrakHealth Pty. Ltd., is a Web-based, patient-centric healthcare information system widely used by leading healthcare organizations around the world. It consists of a range of application modules that support the administrative, financial and clinical information needs of today's modern hospital. Each module can be implemented individually or be combined to form an integrated system to suit each hospital's needs. TrakCare incorporates Web Technology and makes it easier for users outside of the hospital or main medical centre to use it. In Malaysia, TrakCare is being used by Institut Jantung Negara, Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre, Pusat Rawatan Islam, Darul Ehsan Medical Centre and is still increasing.

During the symposium, Mr. Thomas How, the Managing Director of Hesper Technology Sdn. Bhd., gave a brief overview of TrakCare and showcased a data warehouse, business intelligence and scorecard system, which is supported by TrakCare application. This was followed by demonstration of TrakCare's features and functionalities by Mr Kenny Lim, the Marketing and Sales Director of TrakHealth Pty. Ltd. Participants had an informative session with the experts of this software as they featured a variety of questions to them. This session ended at approximately 1.00pm.

The afternoon session, showcased another segment entitled Speedminer-Ensemble Symposium 2005, which began at approximately 2.00pm. This session was brought by an alliance of Speedminer Sdn. Bhd. and InterSystems Corporation, a technology innovation leader in database and integration software for over 25 years in US. Mr. Pierre Leducq, the Asia Pacific, Managing Director of InterSystems Corporation was on hand to grace the event.

The session was attended by public listed and large companies. It showcased a new concept of Business Intelligence System that runs on Integrated Platform. Modules featured in this solution were Time Series Analysis, Forecasting and Projection, Budget/Actual Comparison, Market Basket Analysis, Outcome Analysis, Trend Analysis and much more. This application supports implementation of real time data warehouse which is able to integrate to front end applications, human resource, accounting and billing systems to extract necessary information. Speedminer can implement data warehousing solutions with fewer consultants and for as little as one-fifth the cost of solutions from larger rivals. Speedminer uses its own data engine, which cuts license fees and therefore can be implemented in less time with fewer people; with less hardware to run.

The prologue of this session was conducted by Mr. Thomas How, who is also the Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of Speedminer Sdn. Bhd. This was later continued by Mr. Mo Cheng, from China, a database specialist of Ensemble database integration platform.

Speedminer DW & BPM is the flagship product of Speedminer Sdn. Bhd.( an MSC status company, which is a subsidiary of Hesper Technology Sdn. Bhd. In the past two years since the Speedminer solution had been made available, it has been installed in sites such as the Darul Ehsan Medical Centre, Selayang Hospital, Institut Jantung Negara, Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre, IOI Corporation Berhad and Department of Statistics in Malaysia; Fuzhou General Hospital, The General Hospital Guang Zhou Command Of PLA in China; and the Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City in Saudi Arabia, which is the world's largest rehabilitation facility.

Both events ended with a Q & A session. Participants visited the booths and had hands on experience of using the application software available.

Participants from both sessions were treated to a tea break and interesting door gifts before departure.