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BI for All Industries

Speedminer DW & BPM is a Business Intelligence solution for cross industries. Our customers range from Telecommunication, Healthcare, Entertainment, Government, Corporate and Finance, Utilities, Logistics and others.

Through the Ensemble Universal Integration Platform, that Speedminer DW & BPM is designed to run on, the system is able to link to almost any system running on any platform. More importantly, the Integration Platform extends the functionality of Speedminer DW & BPM to Business Process Management and Business Activity Management and many other real time performance monitoring capabilities that is not present in other Business Intelligence system.

"Speedminer DW & BPM is an excellent tool for me to look and analyze the performance of products. I was given a user logon and without going through any training and reading any training material, I am able to self learn the tool which is very user friendly, to get the data. I have been using Speedminer DW & BPM to analyze the weakness and strengths of different areas in my product, and with that to drive the direction of the overall business.

Overall, Speedminer DW & BPM is a very useful tool to monitor products performance."

-- Mr. Kamarulhisham B Harun
Specialist, Maxis (Mobile Operator)

Open Standard
Speedminer DW & BPM adapts to the industry standard to produce charts and graphics using Standard Vector Graphics, which is extremely small in file size and very high in resolution and precision. The reports generated are in XSL-FO, which is the XML standard for Formatting Object. The XSL-FO document can be converted to PDF and many other formats easily.

Speedminer DW & BPM supports communication via Web Services/SOAP and many other protocols to load data and issue requests. These features have been used in some of the telecommunication projects to communicate with the Billing server (CPA) as well as the Network Provisioning Server (APN).

Benefits to customers:
(i) Legacy system is able to communicate with external system.
(ii) Future Technology Proven.

"I find Speedminer DW & BPM useful and it enables me to extract exactly what I need in my deliverables."
-- Madam Dadhyanna Tan Mian Lee
DiGi (Mobile Operator)
OLAP on Integration Platform
Most OLAP runs on database, but Speedminer DW & BPM runs on Integration Platform. The Ensemble Universal Integration Platform is equipped with more than 250 adaptors.

Data Adapters: Links to legacy pre-relational and relational databases as well as object databases.
Application Adapters: Links to popular enterprise applications from vendors such as SAP, I2, and others.
Transactional System Adapters: For systems such as Tuxedo and CICS, allows new applications to interact with legacy systems while maintaining the transactional integrity.
Emulation Adapters: Links to applications running on host computers, such as IBM 3270 systems, by simulating a series of keystrokes.
Protocol Adapters: Links to specialized (often industry-specific) protocols, such as HL7 for healthcare and SWIFT for banking.
Technology Adapters: Links to everything from low level communications protocols to email systems.

Ensemble also serves as a development platform for building custom reusable adapters.

Benefits to customers:
(i) Easy integration to any data source.
(ii) Scalable to include new modules like Business Process Management.